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Matakari | 07:40 Fri 22nd Oct 2021 | Crosswords
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Good morning,
I'm very happy to have completed this week's offering
by Doc. The grid was quickly filled, but I'm still mulling
over the parsing for 1(d), and having the "same word"
precede 37(a) in a satisfactory manner.


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What was 1d?
Clue for 1 down?
Matakari, I'm sure you realise it's always better to give the clue.

1 D. Waves spoil small rooms, we're told. (7) Mar, spoil +Cels, sounds like Cells, small rooms. Marcels, a type of perm, hair treatment.

37 A is very common, well-known.
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Many thanks, NACW, I did not realise 37(a) was so common.
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Good day,
NACW, I am still somewhat at sea with the unclued 37(a), very common, well-known, except my answers surrounding it are incorrect. I cannot get the "same word" to fit. I have: "Calm act".Thanks for confirming!

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Spectator # 2529

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