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vinpaul | 19:30 Thu 23rd Sep 2021 | Crosswords
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15dn. Is what’s young in Irish going about old language cutting off the meaning? (9)
I?O???ING. [could it be ISOLATING]
23dn. The Fab Four hitman accepted George’s lead to decide who is good. Or bad. (5) ?????. Last letter might be I
26ac. Big girl’s blouse is dead in the end and has the letters to prove it. (4) ??I?
22ac. Check in the instruction manual only what’s needed to tinker with moveable settings again. (8) R?????S? . [might be readjust]
28ac. How original ! Classical composer introduces Reggae’s leading duo during informal concert. (5) G???G [could it be GRIEG]


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28 Yes re in gig
15 yes - is then og (young in Irish) around Latin (old language)
22 yes - read (check in the instruction manual) just (only)
23 Judge

G in (Hey) Jude
26 D + RIP
26 drip - d(ead) rip (letters to prove it)
23d and 28a. The crossword setter has possibly spelt 'Grieg' as Greig' as 23d would appear to be 'Judge' and 28a is most definitely 'Grieg' - leaving 23d ending with the letter i.

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