Listener 4673 Chessboard Carte Blanche By Hedgehog

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HawkCrossword | 19:54 Fri 20th Aug 2021 | Crosswords
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An unusual, but not difficult numerical. Once I'd broken through, the chessboard restriction made the solution easily accessible with pen and paper, which is exactly how a numerical should be - thanks Hedgehog!

If I was being picky, the puzzle did force me to solve all bar three of the clues first before assembling the jigsaw puzzle grid fill, where it might have been good to attack it via both routes.


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Easy enough (and I never normally attempt these). I don't agree on the placements - I was able to make inroads by comparing acrosses with downs in the top right, after cracking only a few clues.
A nice idea but too easy. I didn't bother entering anything until I had a couple of clues left.
I would never complain that a numerical puzzle is too easy. I also worked out every answer except a few, before filling the grid. I was guided by the grid to get the last two or three, so I don't know if there was more than one theoretical possibility for each of those.
I hadn't solved 9 of the clues when I started assembling the grid. Enjoyable puzzle which thankfully didn't require any spreadsheet usage. Thanks Hedgehog.
A relatively simple numerical - good entry level puzzle for anyone who wants to try something a bit different.

I actually started filling the grid rather earlier than some of the earlier posters here - it helped narrow down the various possibilities quite quickly.

Thanks Hedgehog - nice puzzle.

I usually dread numericals, but I thought this one was really good fun.
A good numerical. Entry level certainly, but enough meat to get your teeth into
Another puzzle that I'm unable to obtain: I only do the numericals, but can't gain access. Local library no longer offers back copies of newspapers either. Anyone able to offer me the pdf file via email?
[email protected]

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Listener 4673 Chessboard Carte Blanche By Hedgehog

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