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barnaclebill58 | 15:12 Tue 03rd Aug 2021 | Crosswords
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Please parse these for me
1. Badges and pins dig in without caps, I note. Ans Insignia (badges and pins) . No idea
2.Sack England's opener after key game. Ans Cribbage. Thought it might be crib=sack (as in hit the sack) then bag and E but I can't see why bag would be key.


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(p) INS (d) IG (i)N I A (A is a note)
E is the key in the cribbage one maybe
Forget that, E is Englands opener/first letter
Cribbage - 'bag (sack) E(ngland)' (after) 'crib' (key; crib translation [Chambers]')
definition of insignia is just badges
Cribbage - Crib (key, as in list of answers) + bag(sack) + E(ngland)
Sorry L-ik, your post wsn't there when I started thinking :-)
No problem :-)
Just to clarify mine
pins dig in without caps/first letters is INS IG N
Then add I A
Question Author
Thanks all -I thought insignia included pins which particularly Americans call those little badges that you pin to a lapel. Wrong again !

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