Ireland's Own No 1684

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poorclare | 09:47 Thu 29th Jul 2021 | Crosswords
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I need some help please.
19d Cut short or place restrictions on (7) ???l?d?
20d An embankment built around a space as a defence (7) ??s?a?t

Thanking you


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exclude doesnt really fit the clue.
I think spicerack has it
Question Author
Thank you my friends,
Rampart fits (after change 23a common but now that changes
the letters for 19d which are ???n?d?
Can't find a suitable word to fit that letter pattern.What are the clues giving the 'n' and 'd' ?
Am not sure the D can be right. Cant be many words ending D?N?
Nothing appropriate fits that pattern.
Question Author
the N comes from 23a Usual; ordinary (6) Common ~ the C comes from 23d shout of
approval Cheer and the M comes from 20d Rampart.

The D comes from 25a Overjoyed - elated the first E coming
from 23d Cheer

Thank you for your help
Bravo instead of cheer?
Or more likely the Common should be normal?
Question Author
bravo cannot fit as 24a is everyone answer is eacH 2nd letter
of cHeer I think overjoyed is Elated and 27a answer is cRater.

I am wondering if the 19d clue is a misprint.
Question Author
I had Normal to start with, but that does not fit in with
23d A shout of approval which I have answered as Cheer because
24a clue is everyone and I have each
My head is spinning with this one lol
Am puzzled now. If you had normal before common to give you the M in 20d where did the S come from
Question Author
the S came because at one stage I though Casual then I went
for normal and then you suggested Common which I think is
I am going for a cuppa and an aspirin for that headache lol

Thank you for taking to the time to help me.
Hi again Clare,I bought the IO when I was out today. Can you check yours again as I get Rampart, Common, Cheer, Elated and Curtail all fitted in
Did you maybe mistake No.18 for 19?
^ No.18 is Grenade which fits with Common and Elated
Thanks. so looks like wrong clue given in OP
I think Clare was trying to fit the answer to 19D in to the space for 18D. Easily done
Presumably she had not filled grenade in then
Too much poteen?

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Ireland's Own No 1684

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