Guardian Prize Crossword 28494

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parlefrancais | 11:26 Sat 10th Jul 2021 | Crosswords
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Totally, but totally stuck on this crossword. ANY help would be most gratefully received. Thanks!


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Any clues?
without any clues, only guardian fans can help you
The nine themed clues all start with A or I (ignore 27a) & indicate that the answer is "a ..." or is "one (I) (of these)"
The 9 answers relate to countries beginning with an A or I
^ That too, I wasn't sure how much to include & had managed to confuse myself with what I'd already typed :-)

Is it bedtime?
Think the old joke - “What’s the capital of Scotland?” - Answer “S”.
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Thank you all for your help. Have a vague idea now and will struggle on! Might need to ask more specific questions later. Many thanks
Not only countries...
I have eight answers so far and had not twigged that there was a theme.
Tilly - I think the special instructions are missing from the printed version

‘Nine entries are similarly defined’

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Guardian Prize Crossword 28494

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