Genius 216

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Unicorn5 | 12:49 Fri 11th Jun 2021 | Crosswords
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Pre-amble: "All clues and solutions are normal. However, before entry in the grid the down solutions must be treated in a way indicated by elements of the across entries."

I think that I must be being a bit dim here - I have many of the down answers, but am unable to understand how the down entries should be adjusted before entry into the grid. I know that the letters have to be re-arranged somehow, but cannot see any pattern to this. Can anyone help please?

Many thanks.


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Alphabetical order of letters in the answer

eg "order" would be input as "deorr"
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Thank you so much, what is it in the across clues that enabled you to work this out? I'm still being dim!
To be honest, I didn't notice anything. I just noticed the pattern after solving a lot of across and down answers and seeing that all the crossers were in alphabetical order. I then used this fact to solve even more clues, working out what letters had also to be present in the answers.
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Thank you JJ109, that's really helpful.

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Genius 216

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