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Daij | 23:32 Thu 10th Jun 2021 | Crosswords
14 Answers
4d Spot-on scores (4)

24a Touring car that can't handle severity (6)

Thanks in advance


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24 Rigour ?
4 Nets ?
4. Note has been suggested
Ah thanks, seemed to be indicating a plural - hence the '?'

Well 2 of them, not sure on either.
Ah, as in musical notation?

Makes sense
Note looks good , can be shown as a spot on a music score sheet.
Are letters right for the car one. rigour may be right but only for defanition
Sorry mamylynne did'nt 'spot your last post
Theres a great big gap on my screen between your two posts at 0013 and 0014. Maybe a blacked out ad on my phone
24a.Rigour - anagram of touring car minus can't.
is the hyphen in spot-on there to deliberately mislead?
Probably ael.
Good one danny. Tho am not clear what bit tells us to leave out "can't"
Question Author
RIGOUR anagram of touring car minus can’t.

Thanks for your efforts
? ^^^

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