Mos 2012 - Is 36A, A Quick Or Furtive Glance, Peek Or Peep ?

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paulrbev | 12:11 Sun 06th Jun 2021 | Crosswords
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Is 36A, A quick or furtive glance, PEEK or PEEP ?


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Both would make sense!
I put peek.
Question Author
I realise both make sense - that's the reason I asked !

I don't have the crossword and was only trying to help as the definition is the same for both of them!
Question Author
Ambiguous clue really !

I put 'peeK' & a quick check of Collins shows the precise wording of the clue under it -

'peeP' has "a quick or furtive look"

Either *should* be accepted, but I've no idea how strict they are.
I tossed a coin for this one.

Good luck

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Mos 2012 - Is 36A, A Quick Or Furtive Glance, Peek Or Peep ?

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