Listener 4659 - Me And My Puzzlers By Wan

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HawkCrossword | 23:37 Fri 14th May 2021 | Crosswords
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A proper workout this week - tough clues throughout, even with clear definitions, but an impressive endgame - thanks Wan!

I had a couple of false entries which hampered me for a while, and I still have some parsing to finish off tomorrow, but the ending is unambiguous.


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Let us know when you finish.
Let us know when you finish.
Lovely puzzle, as you would expect from Wan. And what superb clues.
Question Author
I parsed the final two around ten minutes after I posted. 40A was the last, but it was obvious when I saw it - deliciously deceptive, like many others.
I spent at least an hour chasing a red herring for the quotation and its source, as well as totally misinterpreting the message from the extra letters. A tough but fair workout, and just as well I've got two weeks to recover (next week is most likely a numerical).
An excellent idea beautifully implemented. I struggled for a while to get the middle part of the message even after completing the grid as some of the clues were tough to parse, particularly in the SW corner. Many of the extra letters were superbly concealed.

Hawkcrossword, I believe you have only recently started posting on this forum. Be warned that if you post a message in which you admit to having some unfinished business you risk Alekhine's sarcasm. It seems that's the only time he puts in an appearance these days.
Jolly good - an excellent puzzle to end a great couple of days here.

Time for some Fish & Chips and a glass of something perky, I think.

Thanks Wan
Sunny-Dave - I was at a bit of a loose end this evening and hadn’t got round to thinking about what I’d do for dinner. You’ve just decided it for me. Perfect suggestion.

Hope all who gather here are well.
Question Author
Thanks Scorpius. It did seem an odd question from Alekhine, but if that's what floats his boat, then so be it.

I don't know which of the regulars here are other setters, past and present, but I hope some of them tune in to see the feedback, which I've only seen to be genuine and positive on this forum.
I thought this was an excellent puzzle. The clues were tough in places but perfectly fair. Loved the theme (both varieties!)

Many thanks, Wan. Great entertainment.
Much like the author's works the solution was hiding in plain sight.

Great fun, thanks Wan.

Thanks for the very kind comments. It is always nice to read that solvers enjoyed your puzzle.

Hope to see you after the next one, though if it is a numerical that could be a tad optimistic.
Wan, there was an alternative path available for PEPPERONI (the “I” could have gone in one of two places). Understanding that one way is more symmetrically attractive, could either path be acceptable? Thanks.
Yes, scooterbug, it was noted, and either will be marked correct.
Thanks for the prompt feedback! I enjoyed the puzzle very much.
Very pleased to hear that, thank you.

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Listener 4659 - Me And My Puzzlers By Wan

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