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Unicorn5 | 17:47 Wed 21st Apr 2021 | Crosswords
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Special instructions

In 15 clues the wordplay (or a second definition)
leads to a solution after someone has been 8, the
definition for which has gone missing but turns
up as a solution elsewhere. Letter counts for the
15 clues are for the solutions before 8; but in 10
cases the required grid entry is the solution after
8. All grid entries are normal words and phrases
or, in one case, an acronym.

Stuck on the last six:
11A US seaside picnic set (8) - grid entry is ?A?E
16A Potential lifesaver providing food in a forest of pigs (3,4) - grid entry is ?A?t
17A One of a pair, a giant cat after a good meal (5) - I think the answer is MAGOG, but I cannot parse.
4D One's often drunk from tap in US (6) - I think the answer is SOT, but cannot parse.
15D Italian banker in jail is big chicken, lacking balls (5) - I think the answer is CAPON, but again I cannot parse.
22D Famously one of three creatures with three toes (6) - A?A?I? - this one has me completely stumped!
Many thanks for any help.


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15D - Can (slang for jail) round Po - Italian river/banker. Banker is often used to mean a river.
17A - Mog (cat) has 'eaten' a g(ood)
22D - Aramis
11 Take a small woolly thematic from a US beach picnic - entry def is 'set' (like a bar of soap).
16 Take a female woolly thematic from a life jacket named after an American actress.
4 Put a 3 letter thematic inside SOT for the tap.
Question Author
Thank you everyone - will have a look at all your help and hopefully finish the crossword at last!! Many thanks.

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Genius 214

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