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chokkie | 13:36 Sun 07th Mar 2021 | Crosswords
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Finding today's x-word on the hard side, so would appreciate a bit of a push in the right direction, please ....

2d wicked name that is for villain (6) ?e?n??

3d vessel is entering race (8) ?a?i???r

17d heaven exists in exhibit (8) p???????

24a what simmering mouse stew might do for dish (6,3,6) b????? ??? ??????

27a expression in dance, sure quirky (9) ?????????

Many thanks in advance, Chox.


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3 Canister, Canter with Is inside.

24 Bubble And Squeak
2 Meanie, villain - anagram of Name +ie, that is.
17d paradise
17 Paradise, heaven = Parade, exhibit, with Is, exists, inside.
Question Author
That's fantastic, folks - thanks so much. A real help. But still stuck on:

19a single queen needed after good start (7) p???e??

27a expression in dance, sure quirky (9) ??s?e?r??

25d hold gander upside down (4) k???

6d bed where darling tucks everyone in (6) ?a?l?t

Cheers, Chox.
25d keep
6d pallet
Question Author
Hi guys, still completely stuck on these ....

19a single queen needed after good start (7) p???e??

27a expression in dance, sure quirky (9) ??s?e?r??

20d circles in traces of gold (6) ??b?t?

21d country golf club welcoming women, initially (6) ??a???

Thanks so much, Cheers, Chox.
20d orbits
21 Rwanda
19 seen as

Question Author
Thanks everyone, that's brilliant. Just one more left now ...

27a expression in dance, sure quirky (9) d?s?e?r?e

Cheers Chox.
Discourse - Disco+anagram of 'sure'

Disco + anag, sure
Question Author
Phew, at last! I couldn't see these at all - am so grateful to you all for your help today - that's me done for today - at last! Been a difficult cryptic today! Cheers everyone, enjoy the rest of your respective Sundays! Chox.

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