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Bonefixer1 | 10:38 Sat 27th Feb 2021 | Crosswords
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5d - 10 25 relations in female dance finished, almost (4,4) ???E ?O?E

9a - 10’s first cut where 25 kept (5) ??N?H

The theme is Woodstock which is what 10 25 refers to.

Also, 22d - County cricket side in Mediterranean city (6) - TYRONE? But why?


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Free Love = F reel ove(r)

on side in cricket inside Tyre (city on med)
22 On in Tyre
Woodstock relations = Free Love = F(emale) + reel (dance) + ove(r) (almost finished)

10 = woods first cut = (b)ranch and ranch = where Stock is kept

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