Problems Parsing Paul (Guardian Prize 28,344)

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Orthrus | 11:49 Sat 16th Jan 2021 | Crosswords
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I've finished the grid, but there's a couple of clues I can't fully parse:

12A Help out, or fail to help children's author (2, 4, 3) DO ONES BIT - I can see that "children's author" = NESBIT, but I can't make the rest of it work

29A Briefly stir cream perhaps into strong coffee, creation of barista (4, 5) FLAT WHITE - I assume "strong coffee" F LATTE, but again I can't see the rest of it

Any thoughts?


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do zero - fail to help
whi(p) - briefly stir
Whi(p) (stir, briefly)
29 F latte with whi(p)
Question Author
All that makes sense. I think my brain had just been beaten into submission by the rest of it!

Many thanks.
whi(sk) stir inside f white?

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Problems Parsing Paul (Guardian Prize 28,344)

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