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MarMatMal | 18:59 Sun 06th Dec 2020 | Crosswords
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Having difficulty with these:16d Bob or crew cut (8) ?k??????
6d Boys transfixed by a girl's piano pieces (9)s???t????
9a Church overheads, expensive,lower after cutting back (8) ?t?????s
26a Ticket, possibly not ones own (6,4) s??????/????
23a Accepting a role finally, that one may do in the afternoon (3,5) ???????
Many thanks in advance. Martin


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26 should it be ticker - so second hand
16 Skeleton

9 Steeples

26 Second hand - ticker

23 Tea party

9 steeples
6 skeleton
16d Skeleton - bob(sleigh) & [a] crew, cut
6d Sonatinas - 'sons' (transfixed by) 'a Tina'
9a Steeples - 'steep' (expensive) + 'les(s)' (cut back)

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Most Grateful For Help With These Clues

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