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barnaclebill58 | 21:43 Sat 05th Dec 2020 | Crosswords
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I thought I was finally going to solve one of these unaided. But I was left with
"Walk with a limp, restricted in two areas" A?a?e?a . After 30 mins of going through the alphabet gave up and found answer was alameda which turns out to be a Spanish walkway. I can see a lame and a but where does the d come from please? Would never have got that.
From another one would you please parse these.
Roman Empire receded without a ruler. Ans emperor (=ruler)
Travel regularly to work . Ans Ply (= work as in ply one's trade)


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A Lamed A
with a limp = LAMED inside A(rea) and A(rea)
A walk,street or path
Ply - double definition

ply 2 (plī)
v. plied (plīd), ply·ing, plies (plīz)
1. To use diligently; wield: ply a knitting needle.
2. To engage in diligently; practice: plied the carpenter's trade. See Synonyms at handle.
3. To traverse or sail over regularly: Trading ships plied the routes between coastal ports.
4. To continue offering something to (someone); ensure that (someone) is abundantly served: plied their guests with excellent food.

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