Iq 1676

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hankir | 20:06 Sat 05th Dec 2020 | Crosswords
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help with:

9d. Staggered pass promptly, once rage overwhelms United (8)
39d. Note stops ascending (3)

This clue' wordplay is for the entire answer but the def is for a shorter word when 3 letters are removed from the answer.

43. Cry of joy before bishop is accepted by Hebrew god (6)

I have the first 3 sets of 3 letter words which are removed. D??O??C??

I cannot find anything after looking in Chambers or googling them. Hint please.



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9d titubate ...hopefully someone will be along soon to parse...
39d soh ..hos(stops reversed) I think

the quote is in a foreign language but i'm not much further on than you hankir....

43a must be the one in that row that needs the block of 3 removed ...but i'm not seeing it yet
9d 'Stagger[ed pass] promptly...' ['ed pass' extra] 'promptly' = 'TIT'(archaic) + 'BATE' = 'rage' [around] U.
43 'Cry of joy' is the def foe the last 3 letters of the answer [the first 3 = Hebrew God] - 6 letter answer starts with J and ends with H.

The quote is in Spanish, hankir - the pattern is 4,9,1,7.
sorry, 43 has the Hebrew God (3 letters) around A+RR (='bishop') but the last 3 letters is the 'cry of joy' [the full 6 letter answer is undefined but it's a W. AUS. timber tree].
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Thanks saladdodger and ProfessorMaisie.

Cannot find a Spanish phrase starting with Digo.

Still 3 to solve.

And two clues with strings of letters removed.
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OK. Found the quote.
next word - 'paciencia'.
...and just in time!
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Thanks ProfessorM.
Got the four unclueds and did what the phrase suggested.
I am missing first letters of 26a and 34d.

Also which 4 clues have extra letters?

I have 29a and 9d so far.
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I have R for 26a and C for 34d, but not sure.
R is right but 34 is Y (a)RRAY = 'more than one rank' [reversed].
extra letters in 29a, 4d, 9d and 22d.
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Thanks ProfessorM.

Now to Azed and hope EV is a little less taxing than last week.

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