Agriword 108

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Bernie | 09:16 Thu 26th Nov 2020 | Crosswords
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21a. Mr Affleck finds lassies for Cincinnati footballers (7)Ben??c?s
14d. Historic English prison or novel Dublin theatre(7) Ne????e
25a.Asian tent you usually reinforce thoroughly at first (4)l???
Many thanks


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they are American football team 21a
14 newgate
Question Author
Thank you all
25a yurt
14d newgate
21a Bengals

Would you know the answer to it pony?
Hi Rose5 - you're probably better off starting your own thread but please give the CLUE; we don't all have the crossword in front of us. Ta. :)))
Oh I'll ask my daughter to set up a thread for me many thanks.

31d is £25 worth of horse flesh?
Oi!!! ^^^

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Agriword 108

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