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Listener Crossword 4634 Latin Primer By Nipper

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perseverer | 20:32 Sat 21st Nov 2020 | Crosswords
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Eventually got this completed, at times by plodding rather than by managing a logical sequence of solving. It's a pity something doesn't emerge in the final grid to convince you that it is filled correctly.
Thanks anyway to Nipper, a new setter?


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I agree about the lack of fanfare at the end. Just pleased that it slotted into place. Thankfully found a way through that avoided vast amounts of number-crunching but may just have made a few lucky guesses.
Always nice when everything CLIX into place at the end ;-)
Not as hard as some numericals. Most of my time was spent in constructing a list of Primes in Roman numerals, then sorting them into length order. (I really must write an Excel macro!). It must have taken some doing for Roman traders to do the necessary sums quickly enough - though familiarity does bring speed. Looking at a Roman abacus doesn't help in the slightest (though the examples I found tend to be late, with extra numerals). This is what makes a good numerical - something spins off from it. Thanks, Nipper
Quite different from normal numericals and once a strategy was in place it wasn't too bad. It was also unusual that not all the variables were defined when the puzzle has been completed!

I enjoyed it. The same can't be said for John Green -- if he has 500 of these to check he'll be needing a visit to the optician.

Thanks, Nipper. I liked the idea.

No need for Philoctetes to write his own macro - Excel already has a =Roman() function. I wish I had found it sooner. A novel and entertaining numerical - thanks, Nipper
If I were JEG I'd make 7 templates of the grid, each one revealing a different numeral (assuming everyone's grids are the same size of course !) There is just one I that would need to be reattached with clear tape as it's surrounded on each side by an X.
Now he tells me! Thanks, Portchester (for nothing!)
Really liked this one. No calculator or spreadsheet needed and (sorry perseverer!) a nice logical sequence. I too was unaware of the "Roman" function - thanks Portchester! Many thanks Nipper.

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Listener Crossword 4634 Latin Primer By Nipper

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