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Wazzy | 14:52 Tue 10th Nov 2020 | Crosswords
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36a) A strategic foothold for the one in cahrge of a card game?(10) ?r?d?e?e?d

29d(Relented when one made a point as editor (5) Is this opted?

28a) Sounds like the principal estate. (7) D?ME?N? the secone letter is 'o' if opted is correct
The e comes from 30d) Follow on in golden suede attire - ensue (part doledn and suede)


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36 Bridgehead
14:53 Tue 10th Nov 2020
36 Bridgehead

28 Demesne
29 E as Ed
30d. goldEN SUEde
I thought wazzy had that one?
Question Author
Thank you Mamyalynne
I get the Demesne and of course Bridgehead is wonderful but do not get the 39d) answer. This was my diifficulty in inserting Demesne.
29d) Relented when one made a piont as editor (5) E???d Did think 3rd letter was 's' in this clue.
E(ast) point, as Ed(itor)
Lynne //I thought wazzy had that one?//
Near the end of my stint,missed that completely.:-)
Easy done after a long day Danny x
Question Author
Sorry got 23 down was just not seeing it. It is of course 'eased'

Thank you all and Mamyalynne that is superb.
You're welcome.

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