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Bernie | 10:01 Sun 24th Mar 2024 | Crosswords
6 Answers

8 &27d. When naming a sport the regal environmentalist delivers!(5,5,5)????n  ???e?  B????

33a.Drogheda dwelling or Mullingar mansion perhaps(4,5) T??? House

1d Graduate to a computer system? That's tempting (4)B???

Many thanks 



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8 Crown Green Bowls?1 D Bait - BA+IT.
10:03 Sun 24th Mar 2024

8 Crown Green Bowls?

1 D Bait - BA+IT.

Bait ?


Question Author

Many thanks for your help. 

8) Crown Green Bowls

33) Town House

1) Bait

Bernie, glad we could help.


Mofin01, thanks for the confirmation!

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