Hoping For A Hat-Trick By Yimin

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Matakari | 16:02 Sat 07th Nov 2020 | Crosswords
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Back to Hoping for a hat-trick by Yimin! Hints for the following would be appreciated,thanks!

23. Oh! Set in rolled gold, emerald of luminous green (6) : C????O
28. Fawn having lost Sergeant-Major’s weapon (3) : U??
34. Lance once intended to flee, hiding lover in Gretna Green (5) : RE?EN

1. Legal decision overturned 18th century enclosure – profitable days over! (6):
F?T?A? ( FATWAH )?
5. Bustles about local women and shapes frocks (5): WH??S
17. Poet’s youthful freshness marks a romantic yen over the first part of the day (7):
30. Once valiant prince now essentially weak (4) : P?EW ( PHEW )?


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28 your u is wrong. Definition is weapon
34 Your second E is wrong.
23 Your C is wrong.
30 . Your E is wrong.

Question Author
Many thanks, Neveracrossword and Toorak ! Can I have answers for 1(D), 5(D) and 17(D)? Thanks again!
Yes, FATWAH ('fat' = 'profitable' + 'haw' [reversed] = 'enclosure') ['days' is extra].
(I gave the answer to 5d before, Matakari - WHEWS) def is 'bustles about' ('local' means it's dialect) W = 'women' + HEWS = 'shapes' ['frocks' extra].
17 MAY-MORN - M(arks) + A + Y(en) + MORN = 'first part of day' ['romantic' extra].
30 PR(ince) + (n)O(w) ['essentially' means 'at heart'/centrally] + W(eak) = PROW (def ['once' = archaic] 'valiant'].
Question Author
A pleasant Sunday morning to all! Many thanks, ProfessorMaisie, for your
invaluable help. It’s a real learning experience. Only one clue is eluding me
now. Hints please:
34. Lance once intended to flee, hiding lover in Gretna Green (5)
And now the detective work starts for me. How do we determine what the extra words are? How many are there? Please advise! Thanks to your help, I already have the following:
ACROSS: 5, 19 20, 29, 35 ( Emmanuel, Ready, Nebuchadnezzar, Night-time, X-ray
DOWN: 1, 5, 9, 17, 22 ( Days, Frocks, Bond, Romantic, Uses
34. You need an old word for 'flee' with a two-letter word for sweetheart, lover in Gretna Green (it's a favourite in Scrabble and crosswords). 'Lance' is the definition, an old Spenser word.
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-- answer removed --
Question Author
Thanks for the great hint for 34(A), Neveracrossword. I now have several possibilities for the Unclueds. A hint for the name of the place
should set me on the right path...the beginning and ending letters of the place, perhaps. Thanks again!
Thanks, Matakari. I don't think you need a hint for the name of the place. With all the answers and big hints you've had your grid must be almost full! Treat it as a wordsearch, look in favourite crossword locations... I'm not being deliberately unhelpful, just hoping you'll get the enjoyment and satisfaction of finding the thematic elements for yourself.
Question Author
You are right, Neveracrossword, my grid is full now except for the completion of the Unclueds for which I have: 14A – WIN?OW?R – WINNOWER?, 32A- T?REE –THREE? And 33A –HAR?S – HARPS?
Ok, here I go on my wordsearch, thank you!
Thanks, Matakari. You've got a mistake in 13 D, as your R at the end of 14 A is wrong. Your guess for 32 A is correct, the others aren't. Good luck!
Question Author
Ok, then, a HINT for 13 D and I'll be on my own, thanks:
13. Order provided about nursing slightly mad white folk (5) :
-- answer removed --
Matakari, you need only four letters for the thematic 14, 32 and 33, which the preamble has told you has four words. Helping you with 13 D means you'd need only three letters for the themed part. Surely it's worth being 'on your own' now with so much help given and so little to finish off?
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Question Author
I'll give this some more thought and hope the penny drops in the right place this time! Thanks, Neveracrossword!
Question Author
Yes! The pin has dropped in the right place! An exhilarating eureka moment for me and I'm glad you encouraged me to pursue this without any further help, Neveracrossword! Once I cracked the unclued 14, 32 and 33 of four words - I was seeing only three - everything began to fall into place. For 13D, I did not know the ethnic slur though I'm familiar with its more common synonyms. Thanks again and have a peaceful and serene evening!
Matakari, I'm delighted you managed to get those last few words yourself - 'without any further help' tickled me, seeing as there was so little of it left by then!
PS When you're stuck so near the end, always check the preamble. You overlooked the information there, on the number of words involved, so that held you up.

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