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smallsizenun | 21:28 Thu 29th Oct 2020 | Crosswords
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The last one... 17a, "Substanceless novel about a volunteer group related to Labour." N?T?L, and the only word I can think of that makes sense is NATAL, but I can't parse it. I'm guessing Labour means the Labour Party, but I don't know what the reference is to. Any help greatly appreciated!


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Labour also relating to birth - antenatal, postnatal etc? It's NL, substanceless, middle removed) + A Ta, a volunteer group.
Sorry, I should have written it out as N A T A L., related to Labour, giving birth.
substanceless N(ovel)L about A TA(a volunteer group)
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Thank you! then "novel" doesn't mean "book" but "in a different way". And a Ta is a volunteer group. Hmm, I must say that seems to me a somewhat laboured (ha ha!) clue.

Thanks again!
Volunteer Group = The Territorial Army for goodness sake.

In this instance 'novel' is just a word being played around with to suit the compiler's whim/clue.
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Was still not sure what "Ta" was. Have just looked up Territorial Army, most interesting. Thank you!

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Tls 1348

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