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Guardian Prize Crossword Saturday October 17Th 2020

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fraseralex | 10:43 Sat 17th Oct 2020 | Crosswords
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Completed the puzzle, which I thought was a good one. Would like to understand the parsing on a couple of solutions if anyone can help.
5 Down: Sliced food, shortcake could I be? (8) I believe is PASTRAMI but cannot see why.
6 Across … for which bar charges suspect (8) is GUINNESS, which is a stout following from the solution to 25 but I don't get the rest of the clue.



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gu inn ess
'inn' iside guess(suspect
Guinness = Inn inside Guess
Pastrami = Pastr(y) + am I?
past(ry) is sliced food, ami ( i be)
Pastr(y) I am (I be)

Inn (bar) inside guess (suspect)

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Yes, I see now. Should definitely have seen Guinness.
Thanks very much all.

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Guardian Prize Crossword Saturday October 17Th 2020

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