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stevenj | 22:17 Sat 10th Oct 2020 | Crosswords
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Well, to say the least, this wasn’t the nightmare of last week and I have answers to all clues but a few I’d like explanations please.

26 ac end disagreement? This may have a bearing on title.
With the letters I have the answer seems to be ‘ goal difference’ and I am confident that is the right answer. But why end disagreement?

5 d circle in compound on island circle initially difficult to understand. Again I’m sure of the answer : esoteric , and I see most of the crosswords it’s but I don’t get the compound bit

There’s a couple more but I’ll stop there



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5 Ester (compound) round o (circle) i(sland) c(ircle)
End = goal
Disagreement = difference.
A difference is a disagreement
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I tried to send you all a thank you but it’s somewhere in the ether. So again, thank you from an embarrassed
No need to be embarrassed (or apologetic) :-)

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