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Hagen | 09:21 Sat 03rd Oct 2020 | Crosswords
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I thought this was terrific, with thematic material that just kept on giving. My drawing abilities are even worse than that of a certain artist who exhibits unmade beds, but even so my final result is just about recognisable. Some of the clues don't make much rational sense but I guess that's inevitable with the imposed constraints. Thanks Shark - great stuff.


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Have to agree. Very quickly figured out what to do with the extra words but had just about completed the grid before I realised what was being spelled out and could find 52 cells to highlight. I don't submit so my lack of drawing skills doesn't really matter but if you actually spot all the matching letters it certainly helps!
I only got half a paper this morning, and my village shop had no Timeses at all. Once again I'm asking some kind person to email me the puzzle - [email protected] Thanks!
What an excellent puzzle - did the gridfill yesterday evening and identified the theme and the 52 cells - left the grid search and drawing until today - glad I did - it's a bit fiddly and I'm closer to Pollock than Rembrandt in my artworks :+)

Thanks, Shark - a good challenge and stuffed with thematic items.
A brilliant composition and a stunning denouement.
Long after the curves had been completed the final and most difficult challenge still remained.

Thanks, Shark.
I've had another look through this - the estimable gness spotted my drawing and asked what it was all about.

Talking her through the entire process of solution made me realise just how brilliant the whole puzzle is - one of my favourites this year without a doubt.

Thanks Shark
Thank you soooo much Sunny Dave, you've saved my weekend!
It's taken me to halfway through Saturday afternoon to finally get everything parsed and cross-checked, but what an absolute stunner. A beautiful construction and with everything in order too! Surely a POTY contender, I know it would get my vote in a tough year (in more ways than one!). Thanks Shark, that was a belter.
That was a cracker - so full of good thematic material...I hope there is a degree of leniency in the marking for the accuracy and artistic merit of the curves since mine look like they've been drawn by an infant. Between this and the October Magpie we've certainly been spoiled by Shark - thanks.
Brilliant construction even up to the stage I've arrived at, which is stuck on the 4th of the representations after filling the bottom row. It must be staring me in the face but I just can't see it.
Having now got to the end, drawn the curves with an excellent rendition of the theme, I've come to the conclusion that the bottom line must be included in the "four more" representations, in which case the preamble is misleading. Am I right?
@contendo - the preamble says

"After completing the bottom row, highlight four more such representations (52 cells)."

Perhaps you are missing the final denouement as alluded to by the title.
I don’t know if you are right, contendo, but I have got to where you are, and was where you were for the last couple of hours. Mind you, if a preamble can be misread, I can be guaranteed to misread it.

Absolutely terrific puzzle from a terrific setter.

Great puzzle with entertaining clues. I had to read the preamble again re: fourth representation.

Many thanks, Shark. Certainly one of the best this year.
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That was a sticking point for me too Contendo. I believe the preamble is fair if the “After completing...” instruction is read absolutely literally.
I filled the grid yesterday apart from the bottom row, but I had an inkling of the theme word from a couple of things in the grid. I deferred the endgame until today. I'm not sure that I would have got the thematic phrase from the extra words even though the system for extracting letters was clear. It was the grid that gave me the phrase.

I agree that it was a terrific puzzle. A good idea expertly implemented in the grid and through the clue gimmick.
Finally reconciled myself to the interpretation of the preamble. All praise to Mrs Bradford, without whose book I think I would still be floundering.
Very nearly gave up on this one but so glad I didn't. A terrific puzzle.

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