Listener 4618: You Don't Say By Stick Insect

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NickorWan | 17:25 Fri 31st Jul 2020 | Crosswords
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I found this very easy, but very enjoyable too - confirmation that a puzzle can be both things. The only downside is that I have no excuse not to go back and try to finish last week’s.

Thanks very much, Stick Insect.


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An exquisite gem of a puzzle and a tremendous relief after last week's struggle.

Thanks, Stick Insect.
Views shared by this household - an easy grid fill but a gem of a grid construction. A sort of day release from the captivity of 4617.
Very jolly - light relief after last week's rigours.

Thanks, Stick Insect - I didn't know the poet and have had an enjoyable read of his works.
Very much the "refresher" after last week's heavy dinner. I knew the poems, but not the name or the achievement referred to. Ta, Sticky
Can't disagree with previous comments, though I did feel slightly short changed by the limited number of clues (admittedly dictated by the length of the quotes.)
Just what the doctor ordered after last week's slog. I found the grid fill easy (by Listener standards), but not trivially so; and I made heavy weather of finding and fitting in the replacement couplet. Good fun and something new learned. Thanks Stick Insect.
What a difference a week makes... Having slogged to the finish with Sabre's megalith just minutes before this one went live yesterday, this is done and dusted in a couple of hours. Less of a workout but no less enjoyable. I reminder of the diversity of Listener crosswords.
I read a lot of Walt Whitman poems before I got back on the rails. Enjoyable if a little on the easy side.
Our quickest solve ever...but still nowhere near finishing last week's!
I'm very relieved that I'm not the only one still stuck on last week's!
I echo all the above.

I completed Sabre's puzzle only yesterday and this puzzle felt like the wind down after a vigorous workout.

A tad on the short side but nevertheless enjoyable.

Thanks to the stick insect.

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Listener 4618: You Don't Say By Stick Insect

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