Listener 4616 Disco Lovers By The Ace Of Hearts

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Hagen | 11:43 Sat 18th Jul 2020 | Crosswords
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The perimeter entries were a great help once the link between them became clear. The ungenerous checking is a serious obstacle when you've got letters latent, uncertain entry points and some very obscure answers. Fortunately my first few entries yielded a plausible name, and from there it was a case of googling to find the title and quotes. Otherwise this would have been a slog and a half.

Not a bad puzzle by any means. but another ring containing clued entries would have improved it enormously IMO.


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What Hagen said!
My first few entries luckily led to a correct guess of the third ring quote, and a couple of the perimeter entries with the puzzle title (which I thought very clever) allowed me to guess the work title. Then via Google I even found the character's other line, but I still struggled to complete the last few entries, helped I must say by Quinapalus Word Matcher which I find very useful in a lot of puzzles.
Accepting that it was a toughish puzzle I wasn't too bothered by the lack of clued entries in another ring.
It was a puzzle of two halves for me. I filled much of the right-hand side and got the name, though initial Googling yielded nothing except some Facebook pages. Once had the work I was able to fill in a lot more cells and make further progress, though getting the last few answers on the left-hand side was a bit of a struggle.

Very good clues, I thought.
An erratum concerning Listener puzzle No 4616, Disco Lovers by The Ace of Hearts has been published on the Listener puzzles website. Here's a link:
That was quite tough - nay, very tough. I did think the quotations were a tad too obscure, like the film itself. But once I had them, Quinaplus took me by the hand. I would say it was "a slog and a half"
Interesting comments - I do like circular grids but the varied in/out orientations of the radial answers made for some tough filling - even so, I always found I was making steady progress and the final resolution was very satisfying.

Darn near impossible without Quinapalus though - and the net made finding the source of the quotes a bit less onerous too.

Thanks AoH - very enjoyable and a good contest.
The clues were difficult but perfectly fair. Method of entry did add to the difficulty significantly. I think the lack of an extra ring was deliberate to up the difficulty stakes as well.

I made steady progress and only Googled for the work right at the end, which I could have done much earlier had I not been lazy.

Still, I liked it and thought it was a decent workout so many thanks to TAoH.
... I thought (initially) there was a star missing! Debatable for some.
A crossword that was interesting and challenging in parts but we had an early foot in the door by luckily cold solving perimeter 10.

We have to agree with both emcee and sunny-dave about our reliance on quinapalus and Google to complete the solution.
Welcome back to Ruthrobin.

Thanks, The Ace of Hearts.
Phew! That was certainly a challenge and I had to rely on TEA for a lot of the radials. Some of the cluing was very clever. However I thought it was unreasonable to have to seek quotes from such a relatively obscure work which took a lot of winkling out even using google.
We likewise made our best progress on the right hand side. Whether by luck or judgement we identified the author pretty early on.
We didn't see the erratum, or Ruthrobin's comment, till after we'd finished but luckily, even without the bars, one of us (not me) guessed the 3rd ring quotation with ony 4/5 of its first word! Our long-standing routine is for a Saturday morning lie-in with a coffee as we start on the newspaper version. We don't check on line till we've finished but in future we should at least check for any errata!
(Potential spoiler alert for anyone still doing this puzzle)
Now the puzzle is no longer live, I hope someone can help me parse a clue. 1 radial, I need "useless" to produce US....I can't see this anywhere in Chambers (though Bradfords does have it). Any ideas in which context useless can equal US?

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Listener 4616 Disco Lovers By The Ace Of Hearts

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