Spectator 2465 18D

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cobham | 12:11 Sun 12th Jul 2020 | Crosswords
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The spectator crossword 2465. Unclued 18d - ?u?L?T is my last entry to complete the puzzle and I am having to guess that the six word answer is butcher related. Am I getting a chamberism?


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Could it be a Pullet which butcher's sell?
Sorry about the incorrect apostrophe - I meant, of course, butchers.
No, it's Mullet - there's a funny definition for that!
It's Mullet..a hairstyle
The list of Chamberisms can be found in Brewers dictionary.
Short at the front ,long at the back and ridiculous all round :)
Can somebody explain what a chamberism is ?
Danny, it's Chambersism, as in Chambers, dictionary, ism. They used to have some funny definitions, alongside the real ones, for various words. Shaneystar's given you the one for mullet.
NAC, thanks.
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That' s the answer I needed . My edition of Brewer has a limited mention of chamberisms. Many thanks to all who contributed and took me away from my guess of "cutlet"

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Spectator 2465 18D

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