Rte Guide No 29 Rosebud

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poorclare | 20:05 Wed 08th Jul 2020 | Crosswords
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18a Euro = eurox2? (might be for the better to tell one how to do it!) (6,4,5)
?????e ?o?e ?o?e? (sorry there is not a Euro sign on my laptop)

10a Sounds like the study of fishy jokes, which is nonsence (8) ???o?o?y

Thanking you


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Double your money?
10a. Cosmology?
Grrr.. codology of course. Flippin' auto correct strikes again.
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Thank you my friends
love that cod ology ~ lol
:))) Take care.
Question Author
and you Captain. I think we will be going back into lockdown
again, after the reckless goings on here these last few days.

Have a pleasant evening

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Rte Guide No 29 Rosebud

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