Inquisitor 1651

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saladdodger | 13:46 Sat 13th Jun 2020 | Crosswords
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Some clues have a single letter misprint in the definition...
19a They're used to cut what's left of fingernails mostly damaged after treatment finally fails (6) FL?M?S
24a From the outset, ornithologist tries to move shelter on wheels (8) ???????E
33a Grim taxi destroyed Will's spirit (4) ??R? looks like mare (some other crossers have been guessed!) ...parse ?


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Question Author 33a now (cab)re
24 'From the outset, ornithologist' is a common device to get the first letter, then you need an anagram ('move') of two words, to finish up with a 'shelter on wheels'.
… the usual meaning for 24 A is completely different.

19 I can't think of much if a clue - it involves a brand name...
Question Author
shelter on wheels ...mmmm .....yes i get it now!
Saladddodger, I'd never met the actual 'shelter on wheels' meaning before, and initially thought it was just a punny clue!
Question Author
How many misprints are there?
I'm not finished in the grid but so far have them in
12a, 13a, 29a, 38a, 40a 17a must have one but i can't see the defn unless it's Dent?
3d, 6d, 15d
Saladdodger, I might not have all the misprints, I didn't pay much attention. I think your suggestion for 17 A sounds good. I've got one in 21 A.
11 misprints (leading to a 13 letter thematic item).
19a 'what's [to the]left of F(ingernails)' + anag MOS(t)LY ('treatmen[t] finally fails').

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Inquisitor 1651

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