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Guardian Prize Crossword 28,147 Saturday May 30Th 2020

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fraseralex | 10:46 Sat 30th May 2020 | Crosswords
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I have completed the puzzle but have no idea about the theme that is hinted at in the clue to 8 down: Inequality of computer age discern­ible in this puzzle (with a single exception) (7,6)

Intrigued to understand what this is if anyone can help?


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All but the 13/17 pair of the across clues have an even number of letters and all but the 5/20 pair of the down clues have an odd number of letters - but I don't think that explains it.
Is it .org in 1d?
Yes - 1d insert ORG in number of letters in the word 'error'.
I am at a loss too. I thought it might have something to do with the latter V (=five =number of digits) which only occurs in the left hand answers except for one on the right hand side. Brendan is a mathematics professor so it might be something more arcane. I'd love to know.
I think this is that all digits (with the exception of "zero") 1-9 can be read "divided" in the completed grid, eg -

"One" - is divided @ 22a
"Two" - is divided @ 13/15a

The bottom row contains 2 of the digits.
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Thanks Lie-in King, hats off to you. Never would have spotted it.
You're welcome, fraseralex - I saw "two" & had a "hmmm" moment. Stay well :-)
Thanks L-i K. That was doing my head in.
I've given up. It's too complicated for me.
Tilly - you don't need that info ^^^ to finish the puzzle. If you haven't got 8d, solve the crossers & you'll get it, then it'll all drop into place.
Thanks for the encouragement, L-IK. :-)

I'll have another go, later.
I think it's because all of the clues begin either in the left hand side of the puzzle or on the right hand side with one exception (this one) which runs down the middle (as it's in the eighth column of fifteen)
Could it be as simple as all the clue numbers being separated by at least one blank square, except for 4/5a...

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Guardian Prize Crossword 28,147 Saturday May 30Th 2020

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