Listener 4606 Isolated In May By Dysart

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Hagen | 17:56 Fri 08th May 2020 | Crosswords
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When I saw then title I had a horrible feeling this was going to be a topical puzzle about the C-word but no, the theme turned out to be one of my favourite stories. Beautiful implementation, and if Dysart does sometimes seem to be competing for the Most Obscure Clue Reference award, the clues were uniformly excellent and it's worth reading them again after finishing to savour some of the surface readings.

Terrific stuff. Bravo, Dysart.


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I had the pleasure of testing this puzzle and thought it was brilliant at the time. I enjoyed it just as much second time around, seeing again how it all fits together so neatly. Terrific stuff indeed.

(Probably the only time you will see me among the early finishers is when I have solved the puzzle before, and even then I wouldn’t be first!)
Good stuff - a really meaty puzzle for a Bank Holiday.

Thanks Dysart - very enjoyable indeed.
Wow, that was brilliant.

I particularly enjoyed solving the down clues; the endgame was very cleverly implemented and constructed.

Another Tour de Force.

Excellent, Dysart -- many thanks.

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Listener 4606 Isolated In May By Dysart

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