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roslyn251254 | 09:32 Sat 28th Mar 2020 | Crosswords
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I see they are now "for fun only" ... no prizes being given at the moment.
Seems a bit harsh....indeed the Spectator puzzle which was always post it now online only.
Oh well still plenty of other prize puzzles for us...


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Reason given here:-

All of us are currently having our lives affected in one way or another by the coronavirus, and unfortunately this means that we are pausing the awarding of prizes for our competition puzzles. We don't want to risk the health of our team by asking them to come into the Telegraph offices just to choose winners from postal entries, sign cheques or post physical prizes to winners; we also don't want to risk the health of the suppliers who work with us to get our prizes to winners.
i'll still do them but i won't bother making sure i am 100% correct :-)

Having brought the paper £2.80p to find all 3 crosswords
Not longer for entry I have sent an email to
[email protected]
To express my disgust we are told all in it together
Certainly not them I will not be buying them in future
And hope others will boycott them
Will look in the Times Express tomorrow at crosswords pages
Before I purchase them good wishes to us happy band
Of answer bank chums
This is really, really poor. Apart from the fact that the reason they give is nonsense - don't they have someone[i in their large office who could choose winners, an office junior, say - if they want to stop giving prizes they should have said that [i]in the future] there would be no prizes, not let people spend £2.80 on a paper to find this out. They could easily have made it email only.

Funny how The Times is still able to choose winners and send out the 5 WH Smith vouchers.
does seem like a knee-jerk reaction, they could have left things as they were and said winners will be notified once this crisis is over

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I think their weekend papers are the dearest too?
I recently stopped my Telegraph subscription for the reason that I couldn't access the crosswords.I then subscribed to the puzzle only ? I then find that "Its just for fun" Come on surely they can do this over the tinternet? We need some fun & competition during these times? A pen here or or there? Always thought the Telegraph was stingy. I think they will soon realise that people often bought because of the great crosswords. Yes I want to keep the staff safe but can't you get tinternet up & running at home?
The Telegraph are stingy because they're in trouble. Their owners are trying to sell the paper.
Yes Jno ! Their strong point was the crosswords? My husband reads the mail on on line I only got it for the puzzles! Saves me a lot of money that I could have never recouped it's like being an addict!
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Financial Times and Inquisitor have now joined in too with "no prizes" for now.
Times still giving them ...any others??
Question Author
and Guardian...
the telegraph cryptic seemed easy this morning, has it been dumbed-down because there aren't any prizes?

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