Listener 4590 Bros By Vismut

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NickorWan | 09:41 Sat 18th Jan 2020 | Crosswords
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I’ve had the pleasure of testing a couple of Vismut puzzles, though not this one, and she does write some wonderful clues. The clue gimmick where both the misprints and corrections are used is very impressive. Personally, I would like to see a bit more grid work, but I am sure that will come.

A very enjoyable solve, thanks, Vismut.


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I hadn't seen this earlier posting.

An enjoyable if quite quickly solved puzzle but with a satisfying final substitution.
Not able to make the Friday club due to the site being down.
Thanks Vismut.
Very clever, neat and, above all, fun. The thematic hints in some of the clues were wasted on me until I'd finished, but it was a nice little touch.

I initially parsed 14 across in a different, and I think plausible, way which gave me the wrong message letters for a while. I wonder if this was a deliberate red herring or just coincidence?
Yes, good challenge. 90% done yesterday evening but struggled a bit over the denouement.
Yes - very nicely done - and I will have a look back at the clues for extra thematic material now I know what to look for.

Thanks Vismut
For another challenge, today’s Guardian is a good workout with an embedded feature in the across answers.
Really enjoyable. The specific thematic material was new to me. Thanks, Vismut.

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Listener 4590 Bros By Vismut

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