Crossing Dilemma

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alidoc | 13:44 Tue 26th Nov 2019 | Crosswords
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22a and 12d I have grain side for 12a I ride nags at large displaying smoother face of leather , however this doesn't fit with what I have for 12d oldie counsels takes grass planted in salt water up , which I thought was arrieres. Can anyone show me where I've gone wrong. Thanks in advance.


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Knowing which crossword it is would help
arreedes - I think but could not completely parse

I sea sea reversed and reed but have an extra r
it is azed fron Sunday
Sera rather than "sea" = plural of serum. "watery and salty excretion??) - not sure though

arreedes = an alternative spelling of aread, of which one meaning is "to advise" = counsel
Grain side being an anagram, I am sure is correct. In any case it agreed with all my crossers _ RAI _ SID(E)
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Thanks I'll go for arreedes, I filled in all the boxes so don't know why the crossword title and number didn't show up on the question

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Crossing Dilemma

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