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Humph43 | 20:51 Mon 04th Nov 2019 | Crosswords
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Rent to again (4). I have ?o?e and suggest tore as being the answer. Will be pleased to read your thoughts and thank you in anticipation


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Tore - Rent

To + Re



once more; afresh; anew.
with return to a previous state.
I can see the to re possibility but tore is the wrong tense for a synonym of rent I think
He tore/rent it apart.
Crossed posts at 20:57 but I didn't know rent was also the past tense of rent in this case (I assumed it was rented, although I've never said rent when tear/tore would so I'm not familiar with it
past tense of rend
Thanks. We live and learn
We do, it's not much used now I don't think.

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