Listener Crossword No 4573 Jean's Stuff By Schadenfreude

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perseverer | 08:26 Sat 21st Sep 2019 | Crosswords
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A fine final Listener from one of the master setters. He will be missed.

Perhaps not his most difficult, but I should have realised the theme more quickly. Some well concealed misprints meant I did not spot what the corrections were telling me and the thematic items I found first were obscure to say the least.

On a continuing theme, without the internet, you would have to hunt pretty far to find a source to let you complete the end-game.


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A swansong of the highest order with a small dash of thematic prophesy. Took me aeons to see what was going on with the clashing letters and then a bit to finish. After the pdm it's just a matter of getting to the summit, which, as the well-named perseverer says, isn't THAT simple - but challenging all the way (I found). Superb. Much missed.
An excellent puzzle, and a reminder of how much this great setter will be missed. I was actually "partaking" of an item by the subject (not one from the puzzle) when the penny dropped - a lovely coincidence. This was still quite a stiff challenge with the theme known, and it was a joy to have a puzzle that relied mostly on solving clues and didn't involve grid-staring. Great stuff.

As for use of the Internet: the guidance for setters states that "...availability of thematic information at a website is not a sufficient justification of accessibility. There is no ‘quality control’ for much of the data." The information needed for this, and other puzzles, can almost certainly be found in reliable reference works, so technically there's no inconsistency. But of course most (all?) of us take the easy option of an online search, which no doubt is why there is - or seems to be - much more "obscure" stuff than there used to be. I was solving Listeners in pre-Internet days and from what I remember, a single-volume encyclopedia and the works of Shakespeare were enough and I never had to make a trip to the library. That certainly wouldn't be the case now!
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I agree that it is convenient to use the Internet, and why ignore a readily available source. I'd hazard a guess that Schadenfreude got his information from the appropriate Wikipedia article.
I would be very surprised if many local libraries would have such a specialised reference, and unless I am missing something, you are not just looking for confirmation of something you have already worked out.
A fine finale on a subject I am fond of, so no grumbles from me. Given the field he was working with, there could have been some more really splendid clashes. One last thanks to Schadenfreude
I can't remember a puzzle of Schadenfreude's that I have NOT enjoyed. Many memorable ones in CAM, and here. This was no exception. Plenty to work on even when the theme appeared early, and always something new to learn - I liked finding out about the secondary system.
Luckily I know a bit about the subject so tumbled to what was going on quite quickly although I found the parallel systems a bit of a tangle. Indeed a fine offering and, unlike the subject, someone who clearly kept himself mentally alert and active to the end
A final puzzle to savour rather than hurry through. The clues, as ever, were tough but you *wanted* to persevere -- there was no 'slog factor' in solving them.

The barred cryptic world has lost a major talent.

A relatively gentle swansong to mark the passing of a great setter, who will be much missed - I almost didn't want to get to the end of this.

No great new twists - just a pitch-perfect use of a couple of fairly standard devices and some lovely clues - where the surface readings always work even after the necessary corrections.

RIP Schadenfreude & thanks for all the fun.
Agree with comments. A fine swansong. The theme is cherished in this household.

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Listener Crossword No 4573 Jean's Stuff By Schadenfreude

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