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888 | 17:15 Sun 21st Jul 2019 | Crosswords
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1. Poet from section 4 of a big beer festival? (4) ??R? (bard ?)
4. Fleece was once also Castle (4) R?O? (rook ?)
18. The Three Horseshoes is here where Methodist takes in an unspecified number (7) ?????E?21.Smoking equipment, not hot, maybe already lost (6) ???R?Y
and finally, this is the toughie just as it's written -17. Cool steel blades that Jonathan maybe is into; 9's name is on fifty of them (15? 5 in 10?) C?O???I?L???R?S (c ross hills something possibly ?)
9. see 17 (7) ?A?L??S
Thanks for any help.


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4 yes
21 as(h)tray
18 We N sley
Do those help with the rest?
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Thanks Scorpiojo for those. Looks like it is C?O???I?L? W?R?S ?A?L??? (Crosshills works (?) Naylors perhaps?
Also another one I missed 1. Such beers setting Britain primarily alight? (That's most unlikely!) (5) ??A?D Both number 1's begin with the same letter.
B(ritain) land (alight)
1. Bar D (4th letter of alphabet).
17. Just got it! Guess it’s Crosshillsword, as in name of puzzle. C=cool, Ross as in Jonathan, sword as in blades. Don’t know about hil (2nd l for 50 presume), must be something to do with 9’s name?
17. No, it’s CROSShillsWORD 50. Makes even more sense now. And cool is actually chills! Sorry it’s after closing date now.

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Beer Related Xword

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