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Jaimsieboy | 14:35 Sun 28th Apr 2019 | Crosswords
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49 Down - Set, as a burden or task (6) ?m?r?e


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Hi Danny, Impose looks good but does not fit.
The letter "r" comes from the answer Mural and the clue for this is 56 Across - Wall picture (5) M???l

1. law
to punish by a fine
to punish with any arbitrary penalty

What's the clue that gives the M please?
Question Author
The clue that gives the M is
52 Across - Thug or bodyguard (9)
??s?l?m?n (The M is first letter)
muscle man
Question Author
Thanks Muscleman is the right answer for 52 Across which still these letters for 49 Down Clue :
Set, as a burden or task (6) ?m?r?e
Jboy, look at Mamya's answer at 14:55
Looks good to me.
Historically, an amercement didn't always comprise a monetary fine - so maybe a task would be given?

Best I could find.
Question Author
Hi Klazomaniac and Mamalaynne, - opted for Amerce.
Thanks to All....J/Boy
Hope it's right.
Question Author
Thanks M....Looks ok...Thanks...J/Boy
46d Resolve
49d Impose
53d Lemon
55a Spoil
56a Mural
Looks like you'd better check your grid again J/Boy.
Question Author
Will Do...Thanx

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