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The Very Logical Prize Puzle 328

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Matakari | 17:23 Wed 24th Apr 2019 | Crosswords
11 Answers
Answers for the following, please and thanks in advance:
1, 30. Permit the beef to coagulate? An aristocratic misquote! (3,4,3,4)
26. Moved around Oakland Public Library and committed a crime. (4-6)
7, 31. Completely off-form, with tiny amount of money going to school group? Crazy! (4,4,2,4)

2. Greek adolescents to be trained as soldiers, adventurously, I hope, along with better equipment to start out. (7
3. Discuss frankly…gobble, gobble! (4,6)
4. To get inlaid ornament requires measure of blame-shifting. (7)
5. Little English queen’s honour can give one the slip. (6)
15, 12. ac. Hurt first man, who is upset to get electrocuted, initially. (6)


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1 Let them eat cake
1 let them eat cake
3d talk turkey
3 talk turkey
2d ought to be ephebes, innit?
15 Damage - anagram of ADAM (first man) + G(et) E(lectrocuted)
7,31 From soup to nuts (American term for 'Completely')

Off form = from
tiny amount of money = Sou
school group = P.T.O (Again, this is the US version of P.T.A)
Crazy! = Nuts
For anyone who wants to try it.

7/27d is Fire Sale
11a Butterball

That should have given you quite a few new letters Matakari.
Good luck and come back if more assistance is required.
This certainly was a challenge as I couldn't find most of the answers in my online Dictionary. But here are the remainder as you requested. I have a full grid if you require more answers or just a nudge.

26 sh OPL ifted

2 Epheboi (I hope + b(etter) e(quipment) anagram)

4 Em (measurement) + blema (blame anagram)

5 Eng(land) + OBE (queen’s honour) Slip used in pottery.
Question Author
Thanks to all for your help!

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The Very Logical Prize Puzle 328

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