Guardian Prize Crossword 3784 Tuesday April 23Rd 2019

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jeremiahbull | 06:53 Tue 23rd Apr 2019 | Crosswords
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1) ACROSS Nation excited with charmer like Justin Trudeau
? He was born in Ottawa
I get the anagram......


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It's The Observer Everyman Crossword, and the definition is 'nation'
I'm not sure what you are asking. What is the letter count and known pattern please= or what is your answer you can't parse?
FF, previous posts show this was 5,8 and was an anagram - North American
I see jeremiah likes to post in this way- aimed only at those who've done it. Fair enough
North American ( anagram of nation & charmer)
Sorry nac. Missed your post.
Looks like an anagram of Nation and Charmer then.
I'm not sure that 'nation' is the definition though, depression. Isn't it just Justin trdeau who is an example of a North American
Crossed posts, danny.
FF, I too took it that 'like Justin Trudeau' was the definition. 'Nation' definitely isn't, that's anagram fodder.

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Guardian Prize Crossword 3784 Tuesday April 23Rd 2019

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