Mail On Sunday - Bare Bones - 21St April

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CLOTHEAD | 17:23 Mon 22nd Apr 2019 | Crosswords
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Struggling as usual :-)

Flier right to tug back on evidence of drinking
Rabbit that's worth something across the pond
Scared to include a personal vehicle
Film about British member of armed resistance

Thank you in advance...


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3 CAR ?
1a Beer gut - 'bee (flier) r(ight)' + 'tug' (back)
1d Buck
9a "s CAR ed..."
15d Rebel - 'reel' (about) 'B(ritish)'
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Why would I want to log into FB'
Looks like spam ^^^^^^^ to me.
Got it wrong Baldrick! It is a group of Bare Bones fans. At least you don't get two wrong answers there!
Which answers are wrong?
It's site etiquette not to link to other solving sites or completed grids.

It's Baldric, without the 'K', and your link was inviting me to log into FB.

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Mail On Sunday - Bare Bones - 21St April

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