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werbone | 09:29 Thu 10th May 2018 | Crosswords
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1D Contrasts how MP's house, rejecting Malta's capital, embrace French one. (11)
C _ _ _ A _ _ _ O _ S (comparisons)
8A In such difficult situations, predicts departure will bring prayers to an end. (4)
_ _ _ N Has to be AMEN but why?
13A A sperm tail may be involved though they're not even in a close relationship (5,5)
_ _ _ E _ A _ A _ _
15D Ben, being large, would give it to you, unless he had no respect for you. (4,2,3)
_ _ M _ O _ D _ _
12D Though we've never met, I know, with 100% certainty, that you're not one of those (11)
I _ L _ T _ R _ T _ _ (has to be illiterates, but why?)
28A They come from us in a big way, and they're just jerks! (5)
_ _ N _ _ (Irish crossword, so I think it's YANKS, which would make last letter of 15D Y.

Thanks for help, really struggling with this one.


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13 miles apart
15 time of day
Comparisons- Paris inside com(m)ons
Amen - predicaments(difficult situations ) minus predicts.
(House of) Commons "rejecting M(alta)" = comons
+ Paris (french one) = com paris ons
12d - I can't parse, therefore simply
If the compiler who desn't know yo, knows that you are reading the clue, you cannot be one of the ILLITERATES
28 They come from 'us' in a big way

us = US (United States)
Yanks looks good - a large Irish community in the USA
Question Author
Thank you all, have a good day!
^^ that's better Klaz
Cheers jj.
And I see what you mean with 12d. Tricky clue.
But yes, If you can read his clue, He knows. Crafty !!

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Phoenix 4 May '18

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