Keiths Xword 8/9/17

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anker | 16:42 Fri 08th Sep 2017 | Crosswords
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4 letters clue scots word for fussy ??KE
is it fyke?


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16:43 Fri 08th Sep 2017
I'm a Scot who uses many Scottish words but have never heard of fyke. However, different areas use different words so it may well be right.
Usually FIKE, FYKE alt spelling, according to Chambers
If the i/y isn't a crosser both should be allowed.
While I'm quite happy to accept that it's the correct answer, my Scots-English dictionary defines 'fyke' as either a noun meaning 'restlessness' or a verb meaning 'to fidget', 'to jerk' or 'to grieve' .

It's 'fykie' which is defined as meaning (among other things) 'fussy'.

(I wonder how many people here have a Scots-English dictionary on their bookshelves?)

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Hi Mamyalynne Thanks once again
I do but it's in the other room.
Be guided by the others too anker, I may well be wrong.

Good luck.
Maggiebee - fyke appears to more commonly associated/used within the expression "fiddle-ma-fyke"
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Hi folks this is where i found it
Looks good.
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Sometimes pays to keep an old link,You can change it to Scots to English at the bottom of the page
Yes - I've good fyke too.
Yes - I have fyke too.

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Keiths Xword 8/9/17

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