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Sat Tel £500 Prize Xword 30.4.16

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chokkie | 09:45 Sat 30th Apr 2016 | Crosswords
13 Answers
just one left on this one ....

20a mercenary victor leads way heading west (5) ?e?a?

Many thanks, Chox.


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Venal - v(ictor) + lane (way) reversed

Question Author
Thanks so much, that's great. Crossword done, but does anyone know who the three "celebs" are in the photo for today's crossword? Don't recognise any of them. Letters are:

Y R l o i c a b n n e

Thanks, Chox.
Brian Conley

Brian Conley
Brian Conley
Question Author
of course it is - one of my favourite comedians. Cheers everyone, all done now. Best wishes, Chox.
Hello friends

I would like help with the answers with 3 questions from Brain Games Crossword 42 from the Telegraph 30-04-2016

31 across. Full of bravado (4-2)

53 across. Dead skin on the scalp (5)

50 down. The Spanish swimming aid is small and delicate (5)

Thank you very for your great help

Gung Ho?
50 El fin
Gung Ho



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Sat Tel £500 Prize Xword 30.4.16

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