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walnut | 08:37 Tue 06th Oct 2015 | Crosswords
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5d Southern State schoolembraced physics instrument (6). I have -a-on. Any ideas appreciated.


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5 or 6 letters?
Question Author
6- my e may be wrong
Could you show the letter pattern again please.
What E, lol.
There's no e..

Morning Danny
..and Svejk :)

///my e may be wrong///

Er, what E ?
Question Author
i should have put e-a-on - apologies
Good morning Jo and Svejk
morning everyone,
Now you are showing 7 letters?

I think that last - is just a hyphen lol
Good one Balders.
Question Author
i think it's etalon

See 08:54 & 08:56 ^^^
To avoid confusion in any future posts could you use ? instead of -
You'll still get people doing this, danny;
Canine ?O??
^That wasn't a good example. You know what i mean, though. i hope.

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