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Weekend Ft 15052

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HenHen | 11:25 Sat 03rd Oct 2015 | Crosswords
15 Answers
Stuck on a few:
1d- bury is barbarous, and mostly to be shunned ((6) - I???M?
5ac - hateful hounds eviscerating eland (6) - ?U????
8d- refuse pile of Spooner's aged weed (8) - ??N?????
15ac - watch predecessor help students from east with latin (7) - S?N???? - sundial? why?
16d- dull pair of individuals comprising grandma and husband? (9) - ??A?I???E
Help appreciated, with explanations.


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1d Inhume
15 NUS reversed + aid (help) reversed + L(atin)
15 Students = NUS + AID = help + L(atin) {form east means reverse letters}
5 Curs e(lan)d
16 I Nan I mate
1 Inhum (an -d) e
8 Dunghill - hung (aged) dill (weed)
Question Author
Many thanks to you both. Scorpiojo in great form this morning!! won't last :)
Scorpiojo is always on top form!
Question Author
A couple more to finish this off. I hope Scorpio's still there!!
13ac- gum sticking hard to back of one's car (5) - M?R?H
21d - bans cheers and jeers (6) - ???O?S
My RR h

Ta Boos
Question Author
Ah! No Scorpio but ML instead!! Both in the same league!! Thanks ML!!
You're welcome HH.

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Weekend Ft 15052

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