Obbo Everyman 3579

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chokkie | 10:01 Sun 10th May 2015 | Crosswords
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problems with the Obbo everyman this week - again ....

1d candidates in place in a film supported by workers (10) ????i?????
9d note star, rebel after quite staggering drink (7,7) ???u??? s?n????
14a king with work in store around wesward citadel (9) ????????s
15d put right about distortion of deficit (9) ????i????
18d uncertainty during smart screening (7) ??f????

Many thanks, Chox.


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Tequila sunrise
9d. tequila sunrise
Question Author
thanks folks, just two left now ....

23d finish second best (4) ???p
24a capital account with pound in it is abandoned (7) ??i?i?i

Many thanks, Chox.
S top
Question Author
thanks folk, well two finished out of three today. Thanks for your help. Chox.
Welcome, Chox
I'm with you Chox. Crushed it in an hour and a half last week. Can't even get a start today. I think 10a is 'pensive' but can only parse half of it.
10a: pensive

pen si(e)ve (riddle - another word for sieve)

I agree. Struggling very week now. Finished it but why is 14a Acropolis? I cant parse it.

Store - Silo (back)
King - R (Rex)
Wok - Op
Around - CA (circa) Back
work - Op
hanks Mamyalynne

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Obbo Everyman 3579

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