Ev 1163 Lucas

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x_word_fan | 15:44 Sun 22nd Feb 2015 | Crosswords
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I have solved all the clues and fitted them in the grid - 3 unclued (unrelated to each other) also entered but then I have ground to a halt!

Anyone any further on?


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Just look for a name in one of the usual places and you should soon be finished. The unclued words are not necessarily thematic.
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Thanks - been looking but needed encouragement. A nervy ending seeing if they were going to be unique! I was unaware of the titles connection to the theme.
It took me far longer than it should to spot the theme. #hangsheadinshame
Hello Ringer,
Is the theme part of your current syllabus! It wasn't when I was in U6 doing hard maths!
Hi DocHH. Not specifically mentioned in the curriculum but I like to use it. Very interesting topic, especially in nature.
Help! Clues finished, grid coming along.............................who or what is Lucas and how do I work out which are un-clued?
There are 2 unclued entries whose positions are obvious. I kept on populating the grid until all the clued answers were entered, that left a few gaps, viz the unclued. Then follow Monkmonk's advice, and as indicated you will soon be finished.
Thanks Doc......................will try harder!
Lost completely . Have completed the clues and placed the answers in . Have the two nine lettered words - without any idea of the connection and where they should lead me. £$ down cold be Xerxes or a number iof different words but no sense can be made of this p In the words of the Beatles help me please.
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34d completes the phrase of the 9 letter word beginning with F - I only saw one 9 letter word!
Oh Lord, I am still floundering, help me someone, am just brain-dead, I think the dreaded A & D have arrived early................if only I could attempt a Listener Xword..............................................

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Ev 1163 Lucas

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